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CI Go Report Card

Shiori is a simple bookmarks/read-later manager written in the Go language intended as a simple clone of Pocket/instapapter. You can use it as a command line application or as a web application. This application is distributed as a single binary, which means it can be installed and used easily.



  • Basic bookmarks management i.e. add, edit, delete and search.
  • Import and export bookmarks from and to Netscape Bookmark file.
  • Import from Pocket.
  • Simple and clean command line interface.
  • Simple and pretty web interface for those who don't want to use a command line app.
  • Portable, thanks to its single binary format.
  • Support for sqlite3, PostgreSQL and MySQL as its database.
  • Where possible, by default shiori will parse the readable content and create an offline archive of the webpage.
  • [BETA] web extension support for Firefox and Chrome.


All documentation is available under the docs folder. If you think there is incomplete or incorrect information, feel free to submit a patch.


Shiori is distributed under the terms of the MIT license, which means you can use it and modify it however you want. However, if you make an enhancement for it, if possible, please send a pull request.