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Mangadex API client in Golang.

Stable version under stable branch. Latest development under latest branch.


import (


func main() {
    // Retrieve manga information
    manga, err := mangadex.GetManga(123)
    if errManga != nil {
        log.Println("Error retrieving manga: %s", errManga)

    // Retrieve a list of chapters 
    chaptersRequest := NewGetChaptersParams()
    chapters, errChapterList = manga.getChapters(chaptersRequest)
    if errChapterList != nil {
        log.Println("Error retrieving chapters page %d: %s", chaptersRequest.Page, errChapterList)
    // Disables chache reads for requests beyond this point

    // Retrieve a specific chapter detail
    // This will return more information than the list (the pages, server, etc)
    chapter, err := manga.GetChapter(1)
    if errChapter != nil {
        log.Println("Error retrieving chapter: %s", errChapter)

    // Re-enables the cache

    // Get all covers for this manga
    covers, errCovers := manga.GetCovers()
    if errCovers != nil {
        log.Println("Error retreiving covers: %s", errCovers)