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Cookie Clicker Cloud Save

Cookie Clicker add-on to sync your save automatically with a custom provider.

Loading the mod

Add this code to a bookmark on your browser.

javascript: (function () {
    Game.CCCloudSaveConfig = {
        // Read configuration section


Filling the Game.CCCloudSaveConfig array is the way of setting up the addon.

  • interval (default: 30) Number in second for the cloud save to be synced.
  • provider (default: null, mandatory) The name of the provider you are going to use to sync your save.
  • providerConf (default: null, mandatory) The configuration variables the provider may need.



Firebase is a platform used to make real time apps and as a backend data storage. You need to create an account and a project to get the needed configuration.

Specify Firebase as provider name and a url in the providerConf pointing to your firebase project. You can specify childs directly into the URL.

Example configuration:

Game.CCCloudSaveConfig = {
    provider: 'Firebase',
    providerConf: {
        url: ''


No warranty. If you lose your save or it gets corrupted is not my fault. Always backup first. Do not rely on this. You've been warned.